M2 Marketplace - Vendor Subscription Module - Upgrading Subscription (Supplier Side)

Upgrading Subscription Plan as Supplier

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Registered Vendors may upgrade their Subscription Plan themselves without having to directly contact the website administrator. To do this as a Vendor head to the Vendor Panel. Then click on  Upgrade Plan in the Menu Bar.

The available Subscription Plans will be displayed in a list.

Identify the Subscription plan that you would like to purchase and click on the radio button for that plan in the Select Plan row.

Then Click Check Out.

You will be redirected to the front-end of the site where the subscription plan will be automatically added to the cart and a success message will display informing you of such.

Click on the Cart Symbol to head to the Checkout page and continue the Subscription Plan Upgrade.

On the Checkout Page, choose the method of payment and fill out any required payment details. Make one final check that the Subscription Plan chosen is correct, then click on Place Order.

When the Payment status for the Subscription Plan upgrade changes from Pending to Complete the Vendor's active subscription will change from the previous to the upgraded Plan.

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