M2 Marketplace - Vendor Subscription Module - Initial Setup

Initial Setup

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Enable the Module

The first step in setting up Supplier Subscription Plans with the Vendor Subscription Marketplace Multi Vendor Add-On is to enable the Addon. Navigate to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS SUPPLIER PRODUCT UPLOADER → Supplier Subscription Add-on.

Set Module enabled to "Yes" and click "Save Config". After creating plans, you can also set the default one on this screen.

Add Subscription Plans

When a Subscription Expires...

When the Vendor’s Plan expires, all his products are disabled. When the vendor renews the plan, the disabled products are enabled again.

Next we need to create some Subscription Plans. Navigate to Catalog → Supplier Subscription, the Supplier Subscription Plans View will now appear.

Click on Add New on the top right. A form will open up with four required fields. Enter the data required in each field then click Save on the top right of the form.Necessary fields:

  1. Name: Give the Plan you're creating a Plan name.
  2. Price: How much vendors will need to pay to subscribe to this Subscription plan.
  3. Number of Products: The number of products the vendor will be allowed to sell with the Subscription plan.
  4. Number of Images Per Product: How many products vendors can post per product with the chosen plan.

You'll then be returned to the Supplier Subscription Plans View where the newly created Plan will be displayed. You can edit it by clicking on "Edit" to the right of the new plan row, or you can add more new plans by clicking on Add New again.

You can add as many or as few Subscription Plans as you need and they will be displayed one below the other here.

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