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Admin Notification Email for New Review

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The Product Review Incentive extension is capable of sending the site Administrator a notification email when a Product has been reviewed successfully following the Review request email.

To configure this notification email for the admin navigate to System → Configuration → Catalog → Product Review Coupon. Open the section labeled New review notification if it isn't already open.

  • Is enabled: Toggles the review notifications emails on and off. To send notification emails to the admin, select Yes in the dropdown.
  • Email subject: The subject of the notification email that is sent to the Administrator upon the submission of a new email. 
  • Receiver Name: The name of the recipient of the email, this will be used in the header of the email. 
  • Receiver Email: The email address of the site administrator who is to receive the notification email. 

After filling out the above fields click on Save Config to save the settings.

Now when a customer submits a new review the Administrator with the email entered in the New review notification setting will receive an email similar to the following:

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