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Editing Client Information

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By default, Magento does allow for some customer information to be edited by going to the Customer section in the Admin Dashboard. However, this means going away from the Order page and also is limited to customers who have registered their details on the website and excludes customers who have checked out as guests.

With the True Edit Orders extension, basic customer information can be edited from the Orders form, and more detailed information can be edited from the link to the Customer view from the Order view.

Without True Edit Order no way to Edit unregistered customers Account information

Without True Edit, Order Account Information for Unregistered customers cannot be edited

With True Edit order installed and activated, to edit the Account information for a client navigate to Sales → Orders, then identify the order that is to be edited. Click anywhere on the chosen row or on Edit on the very right of the row.

The Order View for the specific order will open up. The edit buttons on the top right corner of each section are created by the True Edit Order extension. Below is a comparison image of without and with True Edit Order.

To alter the customer information, locate the Account Information section in the order view, in this case, it's the top right section. You are now provided with two options. You can click on Customer Name, which will lead to the Customer view and their details can be modified there, or you can quickly edit the information displayed for this order.

True Edit Order will allow Customer information to be altered manually through the Customer View for customers that would by default not be registered at all. The method is the same as the default method however so for the purpose of this guide we will focus on the quick edit by clicking on Edit Customer.

Click on Edit Customer.

The customer information will appear as fillable fields with the existing information entered in the field. 

Edit whichever fields are necessary, then click on Save Customer on the top right of the Section.

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