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Moderating Questions (Admin Panel)

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The site administrator has the capability to answer and approve product questions. They also have the option to require that newly asked and answered questions must have their approval before appearing on the front-end of the site.

Requiring Admin Approval

To require Administrator approval, on the Admin Panel navigate to Stores → Configuration → Marketplace QA → Configuration. The second Setting toggles whether admin approval is require on and off.

Set this Admin Approval Required to 'Yes' to require approval or 'No' to allow questions be posted without moderation.

After choosing Yes or No click on Save Config to save the changes.

Approving Questions

If the Plugin is configured so that questions require admin approval, after a supplier has answered a question the Administrator will still need to approve it before it will appear on the store front-end.

To approve new questions, from the admin panel navigate to Catalog → Product Questions. The grid of questions both approved and awaiting approval will appear. Questions cannot have approval until they have been answered.

Once any question or questions that are to be approved are identified click on Approve button on the column on the right.

A success message will appear at the top of the grid informing you that the Question was successfully approved.

Disapproving Questions

After approving a question / answer the administrator is free to change their mind about the approval. To disapprove a question, on the admin panel navigate to Catalog → Product Question. The grid of questions will appear. Identify the question that is to be disapproved on the grid, then click on Disapprove in the column on the right.

A success message will appear at the top of the grid informing you that the Question was successfully disapproved.

Deleting Questions

The site administrator can decide that a question which was submitted should be deleted completely, whether answered, approved or awaiting approval. To do this navigate to Catalog → Product Questions to display the Questions grid.

Identify the question which is to be deleted on the grid then click on Edit on the rightmost row.

The Edit question view will load. Within this view click on the Delete option at the top.

A confirmation popup will appear asking whether or not you're certain that you want to delete the question. Clicking Yes will permanently delete the question, clicking Cancel will cancel.

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