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Deleting Orders

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Orders can also be permanently deleted from the Store's records using the Order Archive extension. Doing this will completely remove the order from the database after which they cannot be recovered. It is important to be sure that an order is to be completely removed before choosing this action.

To delete an order navigate to Sales → Orders or to Sales → Archived Orders.

1) Identify the orders that are to be deleted from the list of existing orders that are displayed.

2) Check the checkbox to the left of any order or orders that you wish to delete.

3) From the Actions drop down list to the top right of the Orders list select "Delete Order(s)".

4) Ensure that the chosen orders are definitely to be deleted the next step will be irreversible.

5) Click on the " Submit" button.

6) On the Dialogue popup that appears click the "Ok" button.

An " Order(s) deleted." message should appear in green at the top of the screen indicating that the orders have been successfully deleted.

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