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Notify Users

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It's important to notify users about changes in their login process. 

WordPress Two Factor Authentication allows you to quickly make these announcements either to everyone or only to a selected group of users. To perform this action, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Secure Login Pro → Notify Users, as shown:

Navigation to the notification settings page - WP 2FA Plugin
Navigation to the notification settings page

Customizing the email

You can change the content and layout of the email each user will receive. It's much like editing a WordPress post: the Email Subject is in the place of the title and the Email Body is in the text area. RTF (Rich Text Format) and HTML editing are available.

Editing email subject - WordPress Login SMS Verification
Editing email subject

Using shortcodes

You can use shortcodes on the subject and text of the message. These are codes written between brackets that help you personalizing the content based on the situation. The available shortcodes are:
  • Blog info:
  • User info: 
    • [userdisplayname]: The name set by the user to be shown on Wordpress;
    • [userlogin]: The login name;
    • [useremail]: The registered email.
  • Other
    • [ga_qrcode_url]: Generates the link for the user's Google Authenticator code. It displays a URL and so has to be placed in the text as a hyperlink. Two examples:
      • With the visual editor:

        Adding link to the GA QR code - 2 Factor Authentication for WordPress
        Adding link to the GA QR code
      • With the HTML editor:

        Adding link to the GA QR code using HTML - WordPress Two Step Authentication
        Adding link to the GA QR code using HTML

Tip: Writing a shortcode between brackets returns its value inside them. For instance, if the blog name is "Writing 101", inserting [[blogname]] will return [Writing 101].

Selecting recipients and sending the message

You can choose who will receive the email by combining some options. For instance, by selecting to notify only users for which the protection is required and skipping those who have already received the message, you will ensure strictly those directly affected by the update will be contacted.

Selecting recipients - WordPress Enable 2FA
Selecting recipients

After clicking the button, the plugin will process the requests, which can take some time depending on the number of emails. In the end, a list of the emails and a success confirmation for each address should appear, as shown:

Sending the message - How to Enable 2FA On WordPress
Sending the message

Message example

Below, you will find an example of how the message will show up in the user's inbox.

Email example - WordPress 2FA
Email example

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