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General Usage

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SendGrid is a very light extension in terms of user experience. Its main function is to bypass some issues that can arise when sending customers emails from Magento. After installing and configuring there isn't any further interaction with the extension by the Admin.

Difference in appearance between a standard Magento email and a SendGrid email

Emails from SendGrid will appear as " via ". Otherwise the email appears the same. The original sender of the email is also listed before the ' via' part is appended.

Email sent from Magento directly to the Customer.

Email sent from Magento store to Customer via Note that in this case it has not set off the email's spam filter.

Viewing Email Statistics

One of the features of the SendGrid email platform is the ability for users to review the statistics of their email history and campaigns.

To view these statistics log into the SendGrid website ( and choose Stats from the menu. There are too many ways to view and filter the statistics that are available to list here but some of the most useful are the date range filters.

Viewing Email as Plain Text

SendGrid sends both Rich text and Plain text format emails. Some email services do not handle Rich text and instead only offer plain text. For this reason it can be beneficial to view the email that is being sent via SendGrid in plain text format for those rare occasions to know what a customer might be seeing.

In Gmail

In a received email view click on the dropdown arrow beside the reply icon.

From the drop down list that appears choose " Show original" . This will open up a strange basic looking version of the email.

In the Address bar identify "view=om". Replace this with "view=dom". Then hit enter.

The Plain text version of the email should now be displayed. This can be useful for inspecting the emails that some customers may be seeing on mobiles or on certain email service providers.

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