Back In Stock - Adding Customers to MailChimp Mailing Lists

Adding Customers to Mailing Lists

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It is possible for customers who use the Back In Stock extension to be added to mailing lists for future email campaigns. 

If you are unfamiliar with MailChimp and using email for marketing it is recommended to read up on it first as a badly executed email campaign can hurt your email and site's reputation in the email provider's spam filters meaning you end up unable to effectively reach your customers. Done right it's powerful, done badly it's counterproductive.

Navigate to System → Configuration → CMINDS BACK IN STOCK → Configuration. Then Scroll down to the MailChimp section.

  • Is enabled - Toggles whether or not the new requests will add the requester to the mailing list(s).
  • MailChimp API key - Enter the API key obtained from the MailChimp website. (further details below)
  • MailChimp lists - Choose which mailing lists the requesters should be added to. It has been tested with up to 4 mailing lists. It is not advisable to add the same email address to too many mailing lists.

Obtaining the MailChimp API key

Visit the MailChimp website: then Login or Register and Login.

Navigate to Account.Then choose Extras and choose API keys from the options that appear.Click on "Create A Key".The new API key will now appear at the top of the list of existing keys. Select and copy this key, then paste it into the API key field in extension configuration.

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