Back In Stock - Notification email (For Customer)

Configuring Notification Emails for Customers

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When a product comes back into stock the customer will receive an email notification informing them.

The sender, recipient and contents of the email can be configured through the Configuration settings. Navigate to System → Configuration → CMINDS BACK IN STOCK → Configuration. Then Scroll down to Back In stock notification email.

  • Sender - Chooses who the sender should be. The choices are "General Contact" and "Other". Choosing General contact will use the default email saved in Magento. Choosing Other will allow manual entry of sender details.
  • Sender Name - The name of the person that the Notification email is from.
  • Sender Email - The email address that the email should show as from. (It's important to use an email that won't trigger the customer's spam filters - it is recommended to use an email address using the site's URL)
  • Email subject - The subject line of the email. Using the %s shortcode will enter the name of the product that the customer requested to be notified about.

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