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Daily Email reports

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The Back In Stock extension can be set to send Daily Email reports of how many requests were made the day before. These are sent to an email which is defined in the Configuration settings.

To configure Daily Email reports go to System → Configuration → CMINDS BACK IN STOCK → Configuration. Then scroll down to the Daily email report section.

  • Sender - Sets who the email should appear as from. Using General contact will use the contact email stored in Magento, choosing Other will allow a Sender Name and Sender Email to be set manually.
  • Receiver - Sets who the email report should be sent to. The choices are ("General Contact", "Same as Sender" and "Other")
    • General Contact - Uses the email saved in Magento.
    • Same as Sender - Sends the email to the same email address as defined for the sender.
    • Other - Allows the receiver email address to be entered manually.
  • Receiver Name - The name to be used in the email for the recipient.
  • Receiver Email - The email address to the Report Email should be sent to.
  • Email subject - The subject line of the email. %s works as a shortcode to automatically enter the date of the report.
  • Email description - Some details explaining the report email for the recipient.
  • The time of sending the report for the previous day - Sets what time the Daily report email should be sent.

Sample of Daily Email Report

Sample of Daily Email Report when no requests have been made

Disabling the Daily Email Report

  1. Set the Receiver to "Other"
  2. Leave the Receiver Email blank
  3. Save configuration

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