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The Back in Stock extension by CreativeMinds can generate reports on how many back in stock requests were made and how many emails were sent to the customers who made them.

To access the back in stock reports in the admin panel navigate to Reports → Back In Stock Report.

The first two columns display the product name and the SKU of the product.

The third and fourth columns display the first request made for a back in stock notification and the last or most recent request made. The results that show in the report are taken from a database that is cleared on an interval. Details about clearing the requests from the database are described later in this article.

The Final three columns display the number or requests made and responded to.

  • Pending requests - This column indicates the number of requests for back in stock notifications that were made by customers for out of stock products.
  • Filled requests - This shows the number of requests that were responded to following products coming back into stock. This stretches back for the last day, week or month depending on what interval for database clearing has been chosen in configuration (more on this below).
  • All requests - This shows all requests sent and unsent.

Clearing old Back In Stock requests from the Database

The Back In Stock extension is designed to do some house keeping and to clear out old completed requests on a regular basis. How frequently with which the database should be cleared depends on on the size of the store and number of requests coming through and is also a matter of personal preference for the site admin.

To change how often the Database is cleared navigate to System → Configuration CMINDS BACK IN STOCK Configuration, then scroll down to the Cron report settings section.

From the "Cleaning schedule" options choose either Every day, Every week or Every month.

Save your settings.

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