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Front-end Form Configuration

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The Back In Stock extension creates a form on the front-end of the store that appears when a product has run out of stock. Site visitors can use this form whether logged in or browsing the store as a guest (optional) to receive an email notification when the product comes back in stock.

There are default texts included. Should the site admin so choose these can be reconfigured and replaced with custom texts.

To configure this Front-end form navigate to System → Configuration CMINDS BACK IN STOCK Configuration. Then find the Frontend form section and if necessary click on it to reveal it.

Guest Visitor form settings

The first three fields in the Frontend form configuration settings affect the way the form appears for Visitors on the site who have not logged in.

  • Label for guest - Adds custom text to the back in stock instructions label.
  • Button for guest - Adds custom text to the submit button for the back in stock form.
  • Message for guest - Replaces the default success message with a custom message to be displayed after the customer has submitted the notification form.

Logged in Visitor form settings

Logged in site visitors don't need to provide their email address as they will already have had to do so during signup. The Front-end form looks a little different as a result.

  • Label for logged in - The custom instructions text that appears for out of stock products.
  • Button for logged in - The custom text field that for the submit button for the Out of Stock form.
  • Message for logged in - The success message that will appear after a logged in user submits a back in stock notification email for a product.

Informing Customer Back In Stock notification already requested

If a user makes a request to be informed of a product coming back in stock, then goes to request a back in stock notification for the same item again a message will appear in red informing them of this.

Informing Customer product is excluded from Back In Stock notifications

It is possible to exclude products from showing the back in stock form. For simple products this will simply not show the form. For Configurable products it is necessary to display a message for the customer explaining why some configurations display the form and others don't. In this case use the final setting in the Frontend form Settings in System Configuration.

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