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With the Registration Pro plugin, it is possible to allow users to register and log in to the site using their Facebook or Google accounts. This streamlines both the registration and login process for users and customers and makes them much more likely to sign up to your site and use it.

To configure this, navigate to  CM Registration Pro → Settings → Login.

Scroll down to the Social Login section.

Social Login Settings

  • Enable Social Login - Toggles the Social Login feature on and off.
  • Add social login buttons to the login form - Toggles whether or not the Social Login option will appear on the login form by default.
  • Enable registration using social login - Setting this to yes allows site visitors to create user profiles for the site using Social Login.
  • Add social login buttons to the registration form - Gives site visitors on the registration page the option to speed things up by opting for the Social Login option.

There are specific needs to enable each social login. Read more in the Facebook guide and the Google guide.

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