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Minimum Order General Usage

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Before the functionality of the Minimum Order Addon can be seen some Minimum order settings must be applied to a vendor.

On the Admin Panel go to Suppliers → Manage Suppliers, then select a supplier which is to have minimum order restrictions applied. From the lefthand menu choose Minimum Order Amount.

  • Minimum Order Amount - This is the sum total above which the Subtotal must come to for the Customer to be able to Checkout.
  • Minimum Order Qty - The minimum number of items that the customer must buy from the Supplier to be able to Checkout.
  • Minimum Order Amount per - The time frame in which the the Minimum Order parameters must be met to overcome the Checkout restrictions.

Customer Warnings

Should the Customer add items to cart from a Supplier who has Minimum Order restrictions Warnings will appear on the Cart page and on the Checkout page.

Warning message appearing after adding product to cart.

Warning message appearing at Checkout

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