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Supplier Dashboard

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From the Supplier Dashboard go to Import → Inventory Updater.

The Vendor will then be directed to the Inventory Updater Configuration page.

  • CSV Link - The full link to the CSV file that will be used to update the Vendor's Magento Inventory. (
  • CSV Delimiter - What is being used to separate values in the CSV file, commonly a comma but this needs to be checked in the inventory CSV by the Vendor to be certain.
  • Matching CSV Column - The Header of the Column in the Vendor's own Inventory CSV file that will be used to match with products in the Marketplace Products database.
  • Matching Product Attribute - The attribute in the Marketplace Database that the Matching CSV Column will match with. Something that is unique to each product such as SKU is recommended.
  • Matching Qty Column - The Header of the column in the vendor's own Inventory CSV that contains the quantities of each of their products.
  • If Product is not in the Feed - Determines what the extension should do if a product is found in the Vendor's store on Magento that is not found in the vendor's CSV. That it is not on the Vendor's Inventory CSV can either be ignored or cause their marketplace store to treat it as out of stock.

Setting up Inventory Updater from Admin Panel

It is also possible for the Admin to set up a connection to a Supplier's Inventory CSV from the Admin panel if given the right information. To do this find the desired customer by navigating to Suppliers → Manage Suppliers

Click on the Supplier whose inventory you would like to set up. Then from the left hand ' Customer Information' menu select 'Account Information'

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