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Making Purchases using Credit Line

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Credit Line appears at the PAYMENT INFORMATION stage of checkout. So long as the available Credit Line credit is above the Grand Total at checkout then Credit Line can be successfully used to pay for the store's items.

Back on the Customer Dashboard under ' MY CREDIT LINE' all orders paid for using Credit Line can be viewed. Clicking on 'VIEW ORDER' on the right of an order's row will display the detailed view of the order.

Viewing Credit Line Orders (Admin Side)

The site Admin can view the orders made using Credit Line from the Admin Panel. To do this go to Sales  Credit Line - Orders.

Here each order placed using Credit Line is displayed with details about the order. The Products Purchased, the name of the customer, the Grand total, the Shipping Method, the Status and the Purchase date. To view the order in more detail click anywhere on a selected Order's Row.

At this point the Order View is exactly the same as for any other Magento Order aside from one thing. In the Comments History a comment will have automatically been generated by the Extension indicating that the Order was made by Credit Line.

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