Credit Line - Checking and Topping up Balance (Front-End)

Checking Current Balance

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The User can check the current balance of their Credit Line credit on the customer dashboard. To do this on the Customer Dashboard click ' Account' in the top right. From the menu that appears on the left click MY CREDIT LINE.

  • Credit Limit - The maximum amount of credit that the customer can use on the store.
  • Credit Available - The amount of credit that the customer currently has available to them to spend on the store.

Topping up Credit Balance

When a customer has reached their credit limit they will need to top up their account / pay off the debt that they have created to continue using the credit line to pay for items on the store. To do this on the MY CREDIT LINE page of the customer dashboard below the credit balance is the field for making repayments.

By default the first ' Total Balance' radio button is checked which if selected opts to pay off the full amount. Below this is the 'Other amount' radio button and amount input field to pay a lesser amount.

After either checking the Total Balance button or the Other amount button plus entering the amount the customer would like to pay clicking the ' MAKE A PAYMENT' button will lead to the checkout page.

The Credit Line repayment will appear just like a normal item in the Checkout Screen. If there are other items in the shopping cart when the customer goes to pay off their Credit Line debt they will appear listed along with 'CREDIT LINE'.

Depending on the method of payment chosen the customer may require the store admin to process the payment further before the credit balance is restored.

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