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Configuration (Admin Panel)

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Navigate to System  Configuration  Customers  Credit Line. In the Credit Line Default Settings section various general settings can be configured for Credit Line.

  • Enabled - Toggles the extension on and off.
  • Credit Line Value - Sets the amount of credit to be given to users who are allotted credit. (in the store's currency)
  • Payment Reminder - Sets the frequency with which the user will receive email notifications reminding them to pay their store debt. Choices are: 'Once a month', 'Every X days', 'Manually' or 'No need to repay'.
  • Customer Groups with Enabled Credit Line - Choose which store customer groups will have Credit Line enabled. More than one group can be chosen by holding Ctrl on Windows or Cmd on Mac.

In the Invoice Email Settings section the Sender details can be set for the Payment Reminder emails.

  • Invoice Email Sender - Sets which email address the payment reminder email should be from.
  • Invoice Email Sender Name - Sets what name should be used for the payment reminder email sent to customers.
  • Invoice Email Subject - The default Subject for the reminder email.

Configuring Credit Line settings for Individual customers

It is possible to determine different credit line settings for different customers. The following settings will override the default settings causing exceptions for specified customers.

To configure Credit Line for individual customers go to Customers  Manage Customers, then click 'Edit' to the right of the chosen customer's row.

The Credit Line Settings are then the same as with the defaults bar two exceptions.

There is no field for Selecting 'User Groups' as there are in the System Configuration settings. And there is a button to 'Set Default Values' which does not exist in the System Configuration settings. Clicking this will revert any specified settings for the customer to match the system defaults.

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