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Wishlists in Your Store

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Enabling wishlists in your store is a powerful way to streamline the decision making process for customers while providing you with valuable information about purchasing trends and inventory needs.


To view wishlists or add products to them it is necessary to be logged in first. Attempting to add items to a wishlist before being logged in will direct site visitors to the login / signup page.

On products, below the ' View Details' or 'Add to Cart' Buttons is the 'Add to Wishlist' option. Without Multi Wishlist installed this would automatically add the product to the user's wishlist and show a success message. 

With the Mutli Wishlist extension installed a popup will appear prompting the user to choose which wishlist they would like to add the product to.

Wishlists View

Upon clicking " SUBMIT" the user will be redirected to their Account page with their Wishlists listed. Above these a success message will be displayed telling them that the item has been added to the wishlist.

Below the success message the wishlists are listed. They can be viewed in more detail by clicking ' View' or removed by clicking 'Remove'.

This Wishlist View can also be reached through the Customer Dashboard by clicking MY WISHLISTS menu item item on the left.

Wishlist Detailed View

Clicking on ' View' in the wishlists view on the dashboard will open the detailed view of the chosen wishlist.

All of the items on the wishlist are displayed here. They can be removed, added to the current cart, edited, commented upon and the quantity can be changed.

It's also possible to Add all the current wishlist items to the cart or to share the wishlist with others via email.

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