Multi User - Delegating Sub User Approvers

Delegating Sub User Approvers

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Master users have the option to delegate Sub Users as order approvers. This functionality has many benefits.

To do this as a Master user go to the front-end dashboard and choose Manage Users from the lefthand menu.

Sub users must have Delegated Approvers assigned to them in their own profile permissions. To do this click on ' Edit' from the options on the right-hand side of a user with 'Order Create and Modify Account' permission settings. This will access the Edit User page.

Toggle ' Can approve shopping carts' to Yes.

Now the Sub users who may request Approval from the assigned delegates may be chosen.

Choose a Sub User with ' Order Approval needed' permission settings who are to be assigned Approval delegates. Click Edit to the right of their row back in Manage Users.

Choose one or more ' Assigned Approvers' from those listed. To select more than one hold Ctrl on a windows pc or Cmd on a Mac.

Note that choosing no Sub Accounts as Assigned Approvers will result in all Sub Accounts with ' Can approve shopping carts' permission set to Yes being able to approve Carts for the Sub User in this case.

Approvers can also be assigned in the Admin Panel. Go to Customers → Manage Customers, then choose the master account of the Sub Account that is to have Approvers Assigned. 

Choose Sub Accounts from the lefthand menu, then select the Sub Account. On the left click the General tab.

Changing the Assigned approvers in the Master User Dashboard will change approvers set in the admin panel and vice versa, assigned approvers are a shared setting rather than depending on any hierarchy.

Remember to save your progress as you go.

Order Approval then follows the same process as usual, which can be seen in the Order Approval Documentation page.

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