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Transferring Cart Contents

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Multi-User comes with the ability to allow Sub Users who require Order Approval to transfer their cart contents to another user with Order Create permission settings.

To enable this feature go to System Configuration → Sub Account Configuration, then in the General Options section toggle 'Allow Sub Accounts to Transfer Carts' to Yes. Click on Save Config. (Note that for the Transfer Cart feature to work 'Share Sub Account Cart' must be set to No.)

Transferring Cart (Cart Sender)

Now when a Sub User Order Approval Needed permission settings reaches the checkout page the ' Transfer Cart' button will appear. Clicking this will produce a modal with a list of other Sub Users who have Create Order permission settings. Multiple recipients can be chosen for the transferred cart, the first user to process the cart will remove it from the view of the other users.

A success message should appear after successfully transferring the cart.

Transferring Cart (Cart Recipient)

As stated before, the first Sub User to accept and process the Cart will disable the cart from the other Users' views.

When a User has had a cart transferred to them they will receive an email notification as well as the cart now appearing in the Transferred Carts section of their dashboard.

On the ' My Account' of the recipient's dashboard choose Transferred Carts from the lefthand menu.

The Cart contents will then be listed below the ' TRANSFER THIS CART' Button. Transferring the cart will replace the recipient's cart with the transferred cart. They must first complete any orders that are currently sitting in their cart before making the transfer.

The Recipient Sub User will then be brought to the checkout page. From this point, the cart behaves as if the recipient User had filled it on the storefront.

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