Multi User - Limiting Sub Accounts spending per time period

Limiting Sub Users spending over a period of time

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The admin can choose to limit the amount that can be spent by a sub-user. 

To do this navigate to Customers → Manage Customers. Select the Master User of the Sub User to be given the spending limit.

Either click on the Master User's row or alternatively click on the Master User's account name in the " Parent Customer" column.

In the Customer View for the Master User, choose " Sub Accounts" from the lefthand menu. Then select the Sub Account that you would like to limit.

In the Edit Sub Account view choose " General" on the left to display the general Account Information for the Sub User.

At the bottom of the Account Information section, two fields must be changed to Limit a Sub Account's spending over a set period.

Limit Order Amount per - Sets the period of time over which you would like to limit the user's spending. After this period is passed the Limit will reset. Choices are Not limited, per Day, per Month, per Year, per Order.

Limit Order Amount Value - Sets the amount by which the Sub User's spending will be limited by. This is in the store's default currency.

Monitoring User Balance (Supplier Side)

From the Master User Dashboard go to Manage Users from the left menu. Sub users who have had their spending capped for a certain time period will display "Limit Order Amount - $xx.xx per Day / Month / Year / Order".

Clicking " Check Balance" will display how much has been spent by the Sub User so far since the start of the current time period.

Sub-User Exceeding their Spending quota

Should a Sub-User exceed their spending quota for a given time period when at Checkout, a warning will appear upon their attempt to complete the order.

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