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Setting up Delivery Dates

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After the module has been installed and configured the delivery dates that the customer can choose from can be set.

Supplier Side

Navigate to Settings → Delivery Date Settings. The Delivery Date Settings page will load.

  • Order cut-off time finish (format HH:MM) - Determines the time of day an order must be made by for it to be shipped that day. After the cut off time the delivery won't be shipped before the next available shipping day.
  • Order lead time (number of days) - Sets the lead time, the number of days that the delivery will take between shipment and receival.
  • Allowed week days - Days on which the delivery may occur. Holding Ctrl (for windows) or Cmd (for mac) allows for multiple days of the week to be selected.
  • Exclude days - Allows the supplier to set certain dates that the delivery will not be possible to be made on.

Admin Side

Navigate to Suppliers → Manage Suppliers, then choose the supplier for whom you would like to edit the delivery date options. This will open the Edit Supplier page. From the menu on the left choose Delivery Settings.

The appearance is slightly different but all the options are the same and have exactly the same effect. Editing delivery date details here will cause them to update on the supplier panel too and vice versa.

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