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Adding Supplier Avatars (Supplier Side)

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It's rare that a supplier doesn't want to have an Avatar. We have enabled the site Admin to give the option to add their business Avatar or Logo to their supplier profile.

Configuration (Admin side)

To enable the ability of Suppliers to add their own Avatars, go to System Configuration Marketplace Configuration Supplier Configuration. 

From the Allow suppliers to upload images drop-down, select "Yes".

Save your configuration.

Uploading Avatar (Supplier Side)

If the Admin has set the configuration to Allow suppliers to upload images, the supplier will now have the option to add their company logo.

In the Supplier Panel go to Settings My Profile Page.

Here, either click on the Choose File button underneath the ogo or drag your logo file to the "Choose File" button.

There is also the option to Remove logo if you already have one uploaded that you would like to take down. In this case, check the box beside the Remove logo text.

To save your changes, scroll to the Save button below the Description box and click Save.

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