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When the Customer is at the checkout stage with Order Approval manager enabled they will be provided with a new payment option. The title "Order Approval Payment Method" can be changed to suit the needs of the site Admin in the Configuration page in the admin panel. See the configuration documentation article for changing the title.

Recipient Name: Name of the person Approving or paying for the purchase.

Recipient Email: Email address of the person approving or paying for the purchase (required so they can receive the approval request email).

Note to Recipient: A field that can be used for the person making the purchase approval request to leave a note for the person who should approve or pay for the purchase. This will be included in the approval request email.

Order Approval Manager (Admin Side)

Orders in various stages of the Approval process will appear in the Order Approval Manager in the admin panel. In the Admin Panel go to Sales OAPM Orders.

The site Admin has an overview of the past and current orders that have been made with the Order Approval Payment Method option chosen. Some details regarding the date of the order, order creator's name, payer's name, amount the order is for the order status and the approval status are shown.

The admin can filter or search the Order Approval orders and can also export the list or filtered list as a CSV or XML document.

OAPM status

The OAPM status can display four results.

Active: The order has been placed and is awaiting approval. It is still within the "Pending Order Lifetime" defined in Configuration.

Not Active: The order has been placed but not approved or paid for. It is no longer within the "Pending Order Lifetime" defined in Configuration.

Finalized: The order has been placed and approved by the payer.

Cancelled: The order has been placed but the payer has chosen to cancel the order rather than approving it.

OAPM Order View

Clicking on the " View" link to the far right of a chosen order will give a more detailed view of that Order Approval order.

The Order View displays a detailed description of the order. Here in the menu bar at the top the Admin can choose to Invoice and Ship to complete the order. At the bottom the Comments History displays automatically generated status order approval updates that act as a log for the order as it goes through the Order Approval Payment process.

The Admin can enter order comments too by default and these will appear amongst the Order Approval comments chronologically.

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