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Glossary Content Replacement Tool

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Note: this feature is available only in Pro+ and Ecommerce versions of the WordPress Glossary plugin.

The content replacement tool allows you to manipulate your content based on predefined rules. 

This is done by replacing specified paragraphs or content on a page’s or post’s with a new string that contains new terms. This can also include content which combines HTML tags.

How to use the content replacement tool

Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings.

Navigation to the plugin settings - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Navigation to the plugin settings

Head to the Glossary Replacement tab. Here you need:

  1. Enter the string you want replaced in the From box.
  2. Enter the string you want in result to the To box. 
  3. Check the box if you want the rule to be Case sensitive.
  4. Then click the button Add another replacement row.
Replacements settings - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Replacements settings

Users must remember that this tool can only be used after the page has been displayed, so the content on the database will not be changed. 

You can delete or update the rules using the relevant buttons:

Deleting and updating replacement rules - Glossary Plugin WordPress
Deleting and updating replacement rules

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