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Enabling Supplier Ratings

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To enable supplier ratings, in the Admin Panel navigate to Stores Marketplace Configuration Presentation.

Toggle Enable Supplier Rating to "Yes".

Adding Ratings to Suppliers (Customer Dashboard)

When a purchase has been processed fully and a product received by a customer the option to rate the supplier will appear in their customer dashboard.

On the left hand side of the dashboard menu clicking on the Rate Suppliers option will produce a form for rating suppliers of purchases recently completed and shipped.

The customer can choose a star rating between 1 and 5.

Editing Supplier Ratings (Customer Dashboard)

Customers have the option to change their rating of a supplier. To do so, the customers need to choose the 'My Rates' option from the menu. This will bring them to a list of ratings they have already submitted and give them the option to change ratings they have already sent.

Viewing Customer Ratings of Supplier (Admin Panel)

To view the customer Ratings of the Supplier, navigate to Suppliers Manage Suppliers

On the right hand side of the supplier you would like to view the ratings for click on Edit. Once on the details page for the Supplier, select "Customer Rates" from the left hand menu.

The various ratings will be displayed for each Sale made and followed up by a customer Rating.

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