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Making one Product available to Multiple Suppliers

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CreativeMinds Marketplace is capable of making one item available to all existing and newly registering suppliers and vendors for them to sell. This feature allows a level of standardization that can make your shop neater as well as helping to create competition on price within your Marketplace.

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To configure One Product to be available to Multiple Vendors Navigate to System Configuration Supplier Frontend Product Uploader

Choose "Yes" from the Multiple Vendors per Product Option. Then choose how Marketplace will decide which vendor's product to display (Sort Level, Lower Price, Supplier Rating).

Settings for how Magento will choose which Vendor's product to Display on the front end of the site:

1)  Sort Level - The manual option. You specify which order the vendors should be favored in manually (more on this further down). Then vendors will be displayed in this order provided they have products in stock.

2) Lower Price - The vendor selling the item at the lowest price who has the item in stock will appear first when they run out the vendor with the next lowest price and product in stock will appear and so on.

3) Supplier Rating -  The supplier with the highest customer rating and the item in stock will appear first, then when they run out the vendor with the next highest rating and the item in stock will appear and so on.

Keep in mind, besides the settings for which supplier to show first the Admin can set one of the suppliers as "Main" and this supplier will be shown on the front end of the store regardless of their Sort Level, Price they're selling at or their Supplier Rating.

Ordering preference of Vendors for the same product by Sort Level

To order the vendors manually, you need to choose Sort Level from the configuration page shown above, in the Show these Products depends on: drop-down, then Save Config.

Next Navigate to the Supplier Products page, Catalog Supplier Products. You can see the "Sort Level" column here. To edit the Sort Level of a product, click on Edit on the far right of the Product's row.

Scroll down to the Sorting Level by Supplier Codes input and enter a number based on whether you want the product the Supplier to have a higher or lower preference/chance of showing when a customer visit's the store. A lower number means a higher chance of showing up for a customer, a higher number means less chance of being seen. 

It's important to note that if you leave an undefined supplier product then it is automatically granted a Sort Level of 0 and will appear first. When you have done, click Save in the top right.

If no Sorting Level is applied and multiple vendors have subscribed to the same product, and the product is set to show depending on sorting level, then the first supplier to upload the product will appear.

In the case below, the supplier with ID 213 will appear on the front end of the site and will be able to sell the product.

Setting a product as 'Main Product'

It is possible for the Admin to override the Configuration for Product Supplier preference on Marketplace at any time by setting a product as "Main". This is done inside Catalog → Supplier Products. If this is done this Supplier will appear on the front end of the site as the seller until they are out of stock. And will appear above other suppliers again if they get more products back in stock later.

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