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Customization: Labels

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If you wish to customize the text / phrasing / words being used by the WordPress Review plugin on the front-end of your site (shown in Reviews, Ratings and the Review form):

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Reviews → Settings → Labels tab.

Labels settings tab - Product Review WordPress Plugin
Labels settings tab

On this page, you can modify the phrases being used in Ratings, Reviews and the Review form (including titles / headers, labels, placeholders, and any text string by the plugin that is being shown on the front-end of your site).


Ratings labels - WordPress Testimonials Plugin
Ratings labels


Reviews labels - WordPress Rating Plugin
Reviews labels

Add New Review Form

Add new review form labels - WordPress Rating Widget
Add new review form labels


Statistics labels - WordPress Rating System
Statistics labels

Sort & Filter

Sort & filter labels - Customer Reviews Plugin
Sort & filter labels

Ratings Table

Note: Labels in this section were introduced in version 2.9.8. They are related to the shortcode [cmr_ratings_table] . Learn more about it in this guide: WordPress Review Plugin - Getting Started - Shortcodes

Ratings table labels - WordPress Plugin Star Rating for Reviews
Ratings table labels

Don't forget to save your changes (if any are made) by clicking the Update button at the bottom of the page.

Saving the changes - WordPress Testimonials Manager Plugin
Saving the changes

Your label changes should now reflect on your front-end Reviews, Ratings and Review form.

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