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Advanced Feed Customization

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In each category you can define advanced feed aggregation rules which will be applied on each link subtitle. This means that you can read the content of the subtitle from a specific key (generally the link subtitle is read from the description tag).

In many cases the feed includes specific tags which are relevant to the content in the feed and you would like to show this instead of the description. For example, the screenshot below shows the price of an item in the <price></price> tag

To let the RSS aggregator read this information instead of the description and show it in the subtitle fields, you need to define this in the category section. At the bottom of each category you can find the "Advanced subtitle customisation" as show below

Once clicked you may define from which tag the content of the subtitle should be read 

You should indicate the XML namespace which you can easily find in the top section of your feed or use the default. You also need to specify the XML tag to be used. List of commonly supported XML tags can be found in here

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