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Manage Sub User cart as Master User

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It is Possible for the Master User not only to approve or decline the sub user’s orders but also to manage their cart when placing orders and to process orders themselves.

To enable this feature set ' Share Sub Accounts Cart' to "No" in System → Configuration → Customers → Sub Account as shown on the screen below.

In the example below an order has been created for various Items. In this case, the Sub User is restricted to requiring approval from the master user before being able to complete the order.

As the Master User, first login. Then Navigate to Account → My Account → Manage Users, then scroll down to the chosen Sub User's Cart is to be managed. Click on ‘Cart’.

A page very similar to the Sub User's cart page will be displayed:

To Change the Quantity of a particular item being ordered change the value in the quantity field then click Update. This will then be updated in the Master's cart and the Sub User's cart pages. Similarly, any quantity updates carried out by the Sub User in their cart will appear in the master user’s view of the cart.

Below the sub user’s updated cart can be seen to have updated too.

It is possible for the master user to place the order directly from their view of the cart, rather than approving it for the sub-user to do later. To accomplish this click on the ‘ Place Order’ button above the cart items.

A success page should then load showing that the order has been successfully placed. If the sub-user has not entered a shipping address then a notification will appear instead, to notify the master user of this.

The Administrator can now view this as a successfully placed order through the backend of the site. By navigating through Sales → Orders.

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