CM Custom Reports (CMCR) - Advanced - Creating Your Own Report

Creating Own Report

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The plugin structure allows users who know PHP to create add-ons including their own reports.

If you need a custom report but you're not a developer you can hire our developers and we'll create a custom report for you.

Steps to create own report Addon:

  1. Prepare the report plugin file:
    1. All report files have to extend the CMCR_Report_Base class
  2. Include report file using the action: "cmcr_include_report_files"
    add_action( 'cmcr_include_report_files', 'cminds_custom_reports_add_custom_coupons' ); <br>function cminds_custom_reports_add_custom_coupons() { include_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/reports/SampleReport.php'; }

Link to the code sample (zip of the sample plugin) - click here (download should start automatically)

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