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Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Custom Reports Pro → Settings.

Head to the Labels tab.

Here you can find two sections with options.


Here you can customize the labels that appear on your page when the listed variables are used. Change the values in the boxes to customize the labels.

  • "No Data Found" - Label displayed on the Graph tab when no data is found.
  • "Choose graph type:" - Label for the graph type select box.
  • "Back to list" - Label for "Back to list" button.
  • "Unknown Author" - Label for the unknown (deleted from the database preasumly) users.
  • "Download Report as PDF" - Title for the button allowing to download PDF file.
  • "Download Report as CSV" - Title for the button allowing to download CSV file.
  • "Post comment" - Label for post comments on "Comment by type" report.
  • "Unknown User" - Label for the unknown username (non-logged in).


  • "To use the plugin you have to click the "License" and follow the instructions." - Here you can change the text to update the user about an inactive license.

After changing the labels, click the button Save Changes under the settings.

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