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Ordering Your Links Order

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There are several ways to order links inside the category. You can order it from a predefined options in the WordPress Curated Lists plugin settings or manually order the link.

Choosing the order type

To select the order please visit the plugin options and locate the links order as shown in the screenshot below.

Choosing the order type - WordPress Content Aggregation
Choosing the order type

If you choose the custom order than the links will appear according to the order which was defined using the drag and drop functionality available in the links section.

Manually Ordering Your Links

To order existing links inside categories, go to Links in the plugin tab. The order will reflect the place in which the link will appear once displaying the category.

Navigation to the links dashboard - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Navigation to the links dashboard

In the links dashboard you can see all the links available.

Managing added links - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Managing added links

You should first filter the list by category to shorten the amount of available links.

Filtering links by category - Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Plugin
Filtering links by category

Next place the mouse over the link container, click on the container itself and drag the link container around. You should see a move icon replacing the regular mouse icon.

Dragging the link - Content Curation Plugin
Dragging the link

Once placed in it's new location a save icon will work for couple of millisecond to save the change.

Dropping the link to the needed place - WordPress Plugin Content Curation
Dropping the link to the needed place

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