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There are a couple of areas where the admin will need to configure permissions: Users and Roles.


In the User Permissions area, we specify a few key user-specific settings. These include custom commission rates where applicable, as well as manager/employee relationships.

Any values input (including 0) in the Commission fields will override the defaults you have set in the Main Configuration Screen. If you leave these fields blank, the defaults will be used.

Furthermore, here you are able to specify a manager who should be credited for this user's orders. If this user does not have a manager or is himself a top-level manager, you should select “No Manager.”

For more detailed explanations, see the italic text below each of the fields on the Users Permissions screen. 

To configure this section: 

  1. Head over to System PermissionsUsers 
  2. Select an employee who has a custom commission rate (higher or lower than default) 
  3. Click the Commission tab on the left 
  4. Enter the custom commission rates (Manager and Sales Rep) for that user 
  5. Select a Manager for this user from the list of active users (or select “No Manager”)
  6. Click “Save User” on the top right 
  7. Repeat for all employees who earn a custom commission rate or have a manager


Here we specify how each role (i.e. Sales Rep, Store Owner, Manager) interacts with the module.

You can set a different set of permissions for each role depending on what their needs and abilities should be.

For the Deluxe Edition of our app, we have offered more flexibility and detail than ever before, and have organized all permissions into one area for your convenience.

Typically, we recommend having at least 3 levels of permissions: Admin (Store Owner), Manager, and Sales Rep. For your convenience, we will show you examples below of how we suggest you configure the permissions for each of these roles. 

To configure these roles: 

  1. Head over to System Permissions → Roles 
  2. Create or Select the first group (You may need to add a new role via “Add New Role”) 
  3. Click the Resources tab on the left 
  4. Select the appropriate permissions according to the group (see below for guidance)
  5. Click “Save Role” 
  6. Repeat for each of your permissions roles

These permissions should be fairly self-explanatory, and we recommend thinking about your business’ specific needs in order to design a custom permission-set for each role that suits your needs. However, in order to get you started, here are our suggested permissions. 

It’s worth investing time in creating these roles and permissions, as mistakes can be costly and embarrassing. 

Put in the time to think about what roles your reps, managers, and fellow admins should be able to fulfill in the order and commission process. 

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