Order Archive M2 - General Usage

Archiving Orders

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When in SALES → Orders, the admin can easily select one or more orders to be sent to archive.

You can add and additional column to assess if the orders is archived or not.

By default the orders grid is set to show all orders, therefore an useful way to check which orders are archived or not is to create a special view called Archived Orders.

These are the steps to create a special view:

  1. Click on Filters button
  2. Set "Display Archived" to Yes
  3. Click on Apply Filters
  4. On the filtered view, choose to "Save View as" under the View button
  5. Now the admin can quickly assess which orders are set to Archive.

Deleting Orders

This option is very useful to delete specific orders and unclutter your order grid .

Attention! This action permanently delete the order(s) from your database, therefore choose carefully which orders will be deleted.

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