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Video Overview

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The Fancy FAQ Extension for Magento® 2 allows admin to save customer service time by displaying FAQ on an organized page with categories and sub-categories, an autocomplete search box, and responsive design. Admin can choose which question categories to show first as to highlight featured categories.

Fancy FAQs Extension Features: 
  • FAQ Page: Creates a separate FAQ page in your Magento® store
  • Manage FAQ: Manage questions, answers and categories from Magento® admin panel
  • Search Questions: Search bar ensures customer can easily find questions they’re looking for
  • Auto-Complete Search: Customers can view possible questions immediately
  • Organize FAQ Page: Create FAQ topics & group questions and answers into categories
  • FAQ Navigation Menu: Show all question categories and sub categories or featured ones
  • Hierarchical Categories: Change position of FAQ categories
  • Responsive FAQ: Fully responsive and beautiful design
  • Sub-Categories: Create question & answer sub-categories under a parent category
  • Easy Setup: After downloading, FAQ page link shows in ecommerce site footer
  • Knowledge Base: Creates a FAQ knowledge base customers can always access
  • Quick Answers: Makes finding help for product FAQ quick and easy
  • Time-Saving: Saves precious admin and customer time

The following video provides an overview of the Fancy FAQ Extension for Magento®2.

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