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VRP Integration

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The Magento ® Gift Card extension with VRP integration gives customers the ability not only to purchase gift cards, use gift cards as a payment method (full order or split payment), and add money to both electronic and physical gift cards, but also to sync all gift card data with the VRP (Virtual Retail Pro) system.


  • All gift cards purchased will be sent to VRP
  • The extension will fetch balance info from VRP to Magento
  • During order placement the extension will update the balance and status of cards to VRP
  • Queue system – the extension will send information again if API did not get a response from VRP
  • Conflict resolution is handled between VRP and Magento.


When the Gift Card VRP Extension has been acquired, there will be an additional tab called "Gift Card VRP" on  System → Configuration → Sales

The admin will need to provide his account credentials with VRP system.

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