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Video Overview

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The Social Login Popup Extension for Magento® replaces the default login and registration screen in your Magento® store with a popup login box that gives customers the option to register and login using social media accounts on Facebook and Google without navigating away from the store page.

Social Login Popup Extension Features:
  • Google Login & Registration: Allow customers to login and register using Google accounts
  • Facebook Login & Registration: Allow customers to login and register using Facebook accounts
  • Login Popup: Create an elegant login/registration popup
  • Navigation: Customers can login and register without navigating from the current store page
  • Default or Social: Customers can choose between default or new social login and registrations
  • Select Social Networks; Choose which social media networks to enable or enable all
  • Customer Experience: Provide better customer experience in your Magento® store
  • Easy Login: Popup quickens login/registration process so customers can get to checkout
  • Easy Setup: No changes manual changes are needed, just install and set up extension in Admin Panel
  • API: Uses API key for ease of use

The following video provides an overview of the Social Login Popup Extension for Magento®.

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