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Video Overview

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The Fancy FAQ Extension for Magento® allows admin to save customer service time by displaying FAQ on an organized page with categories and sub-categories, an autocomplete search box, and responsive design. Admin can choose which question categories to show first as to highlight featured categories.

Benefits of using the Magento® FAQ Extension:

  • Create a sleek FAQ page in your Magento® ecommerce store
  • Manage questions, answers and categories from the Magento® admin panel
  • Search questions and answers in an auto-complete search box
  • Customers can find answers to product FAQ without contacting customer service
  • Creates a self-service knowledge base available 24/7
  • Group questions and answers into categories and sub-categories
  • Fully responsive and beautiful design
  • Saves admin and customer time

The following video provides an overview of the Fancy FAQ Extension for Magento®.

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