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To customize the index page of WordPress File Manager plugin, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Downloads Pro → Settings.

Navigation to the plugin settings - File Download Plugin
Navigation to the plugin settings

Click on the Index Page tab.

Index Page settings tab - WordPress Document Management
Index Page settings tab

General Index Page Settings

All the settings included in the general index setting are only applicable when using the download index and not the shortcodes.

Index page general settings - File Manager WordPress
Index page general settings
  • Disable index page - The admin can completely disable the index page. This is essential when using the download manager using shortcodes only.
  • Order downloads by - The admin can determine how to sort and order the downloads. 
  • Download Listing Title - Define the title of the downloads index page. 
  • Displaying only admin downloads to users - Hides files from other users - The current user will only be able to see files he/she and the admin uploaded. Learn more.
  • Downloads per page - Number of items that will be displayed per page.

Layout Settings

All the settings included in the layout section are only applicable when using the download index and not the shortcodes.

Index page layout settings - WP File Download Plugin
Index page layout settings
  • Page template for index - Choose the page template for the index page from the dropdown menu. You can choose to keep your site's theme, or use the CMDM default page template. When selecting the CMDM default, the CMDM widget area will be available. When selecting your own theme templates, you can use the theme sidebar widget areas.
  • Default downloads list view - The downloads index page can show the download list in 4 available formats. You can define the default format once the user visit the page:
    • Tiles 
    • List
    • Category
    • Table
  • Categories list type - Categories can be displayed in 3 formats:
    • Normal means one dropbox with all categories and subcategories together. 
    • Two levels mean showing the subcategories on a separate dropbox.
    • Hide
  • Show index Control - The index contains several filters and the dropbox.  You can show it below or above the categories. 
  • Show uncategorized downloads in categories view - Enable this option to prevent downloads without any categories from showing in the Categories View.
  • Enable multiple download functionality - This option allows to choose multiple downloads on the index page. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.7.0.

    Multiple download functionality - File Manager Plugin for WordPress
    Multiple download functionality

Index Page Appearance 

All the settings included in the index appearance section are only applicable once using the download index and not the shortcodes.

Index page appearance settings - File Download Plugin
Index page appearance settings
  • Show dashboard links on the index page - Will show a button that takes the user to his own download dashboard, in which he can add and manage his own downloads on the sidebar of the download index.
  • Show admin links on the index page - If enabled and current user has admin rights, the "Unpublish", "Edit" and "Delete" links will be displayed for each download on the index page.
  • Show author counters - Decide if to display number of uploads, support questions and answers below the author name.
  • Hide categories if only one is defined - If enabled, the categories region won't be visible on the index page if only one category is defined.
  • Open category on click - If enabled, clicked category in categories tree view widget ([cmdm-categories-tree] shortcode) will be opened to view its content. If disabled, clicking on a category will open "New download" window to clicked category.
  • Show "Info" link - If disabled, the info link next to the download won't be shown.
  • Show the last update date for each download - Show or hide the updated dates for the downloads.
  • Show download recursively - The admin can choose to show downloads recursively. If enabled, specified categories will display downloads from this category and all descendant categories. If disabled, categories will show only directly assigned downloads (as in the file system directories).
  • Show view toggle control - Show or hide the option to change layout.

    Dropdown for choosing a layout - WordPress File Manager Plugin
    Dropdown for choosing a layout
  • Show sorting options - Show the sorting options filter.
  • Show total downloads - Show the total number of downloads in the page title.
  • Show "One level up" link - Will show one level up when browsing categories.
  • Display search bar - Will hide/show the search bar for the downloads.
  • Display search bar submit button - Will hide/show the search bar submit button for the downloads.

Files List Appearance Settings

Files list appearance settings - WordPress Document Management
Files list appearance settings
  • Display only admin downloads to users - Shows all users only their and admin downloads. Files from other users will be hidden.
  • Enable description on download list page - Shows download description below title.
    • Limit number of description words - After this number of words, a read more link will appear. By default, it's 20.


      Enabling description on the download list page - File Manager WordPress
      Enabling description on the download list page
  • Enable to show player on download list page - Show player widget bar below media download titles.

    Enabling a preview player on the download list page - WP File Download Plugin
    Enabling a preview player on the download list page
  • Select relation for tags filter - Choose relation of tags from tags attribute within cmdm-files-list shortcode.
    • AND filters downloads which have all tags from 'tags' attribute.
    • OR means downloads which tagged by any tag from the list.
  • Limit tags set by listed categories - Tags filter will contain tags relied to files of categories listed in category attribute.
  • Hide icon "Eyeball" into file's list - Self-explanatory.

    Displaying an 'eyeball' icon for downloads - File Manager Plugin for WordPress
    Displaying an 'Eyeball' icon for downloads
  • Allow bulk download - If enabled, files list will have button to bulk download user's files in a certain category.  Note: This feature works only for admin roles.

    How it works

    This feature works with [cmdm-files-list userfilter=1 categoryfilter=1] shortcode:

    Files list with the category and user filters - File Download Plugin
    Files list with the category and user filters

    To get the bulk download button to appear on frontpage, user should first select a category and author from drop-downs in the head of files list. 

    'Bulk Download' button - WordPress Document Management
    'Bulk Download' button

    The user should click on the button to download a zip-archive with all files by selected author in a chosen category.

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