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Controlling the Tooltip Opacity

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Change your WordPress tooltip opacity to create a trendy hot look for your hovering boxes!

Your Tooltip background can have different opacity levels and can also be set for complete transparency. This is useful if you want to have tooltips appearing, but keep the page content visible at the same time. Both scenarios support media content within the Tooltip like Videos or Images.

Here’s how to change your WordPress tooltip opacity levels:

The Opacity value can be between “0” and “100”, where “0” means transparent and “100” fully opaque. This is defined in the Tooltip Plugin Settings and applies to all the tooltips on your site.

To find this setting, go to  Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings → Tooltip and continue to the section Tooltip - Styling:

WordPress tooltip opacity- CM glossary plugin

The eCommerce edition of the plugin also supports defining the custom opacity levels for individual terms, as shown below:
individual WordPress tooltip opacity- CM glossary plugin

In the following example, The tooltip includes a video while the background is transparent:

transparent video tooltip

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