CM Footnotes (CMF) - Getting Started - Plugin Overview

What Is CM Footnotes?

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CM Footnotes (CMF) - Use Case - How to Manage Footnotes on Articles Posted on Your Site

CM Footnotes is a WordPress plugin that allows users to define some words/phrases in the post/page content by adding a small link near the given word/phrase and the description at the end of the document.

Footnotes are often found in books and papers which use rare/old/specialist terms. They are a useful way to further explain these concepts in a later moment or to cite sources.

How to use the plugin?

To use the plugin you need to follow these steps. The list below shows the steps in suggested order:

Each of the links will take you to the corresponding User Guide page describing the topic in detail.

  1. (required) Installation - how to get the plugin file, and install it on your page
  2. Setting up: General Settings
  3. (required) Adding the first Footnote Item
    1. Create a definition
    2. Place a shortcode with a footnote
  4. At this point you should be able to see your first footnote.
  5. (optional) Preventing Footnotes from showing on post/page

More information about the CM Footnotes WordPress  Plugin

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