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General Settings

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Note: This guide covers features from renewed version of CM Footnotes 2.0.0.

Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Footnotes Pro → Settings.

There are a few sections with the options.

Footnotes Display Options

The following options define where and how should be displayed footnotes.

  • Display footnotes on - Check the boxes to display footnotes on custom post types as well as on regular posts.
  • Show each bottom footnote on separate line - Enable it if you want to display each bottom footnote on a separate line.
    If the option is enabled: If the option is disabled:

Footnotes Content Links Styling

The following options define the style of a footnote link symbol.

  • Footnote link symbol - Configure the style of a footnote link symbol with the following options:
    • Size
    • Color
    • Font Style (Bold or Italic)
  • Display style - Choose the style of a reference link. Available options are:
    • Square brackets (1)
    • Curly brackets (2)
    • Rectangle (3)
    • Message bubble (4)

Footnotes Bottom Styling

The following options define the style of footnotes in the bottom part of the page.

  • Footnote link anchor style - Set the style of footnote link anchor:
    • Size
    • Color
  • Footnote description style - Set the style of footnote description:
    • Size
    • Color
    • Weight (Normal, Bold, Lighter, Bolder)
    • Decoration (None, Border, Underline, Overline, Line-through, blink)
    • Style (Normal, Italic, Oblique)
    • Alignment (Left, Right, Justify)
  • Include a separator before the footnotes - Enable this option if you want to display a separator line between content and list of footnotes.
  • Separator style - Configure the title and the style of a separator line:
    • Title
    • Line width (defines how long the separator line is)
    • Line thickness (Thin, Medium, Thick)
    • Line style (Solid, Dotted, Dashed)
    Example on the Front-end

    The separator is on, Title is "Footnotes List", Line width - Medium (50% width), Line thickness - Medium, Line style - Dotted.

Tooltips Display Style

  • Display Footnotes as Tooltips - Enable it to display tooltips on the footnote link when hover on it.
  • Tooltip display style - Configure the style of a tooltip:
    • Background color
    • Description color
    • External link color
    Example on the Front-end


The following options are useful if you are a member of our affiliate program. Learn more about our Affiliate Program

  • Enable referrals - Enable referral link at the bottom under the footnotes list.
  • Affiliate Code - Write here your affiliate code.

Save Changes

When you finish configuring the settings don't forget to click the button Save Changes.

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