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Using the Labels settings it is possible to edit the Labels that appear in the front-end of the site.

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Route Manager Pro  Settings → Labels tab.

  • General - Set custom labels for images and video, for the warning message that appears when a Google API key is missing, and for the length units.

  • Map Types - Here you can change labels related to map types on the Google Map. Note: this section with labels was introduced in version 4.9.1.

  • Navigation - In this section, the 404 error page can be customized to show a specific message, name various menu items with specific labels, and more.

  • Route - The title shown on the Index page can be customized here. Change "category" or "description" to custom names, parameter labels, and more.

  • Location - Allows for custom labels for specific locations along a route.

  • Dashboard - Customize label settings specific to the user dashboard, including the title of the "Add Route" and "My Routes" pages, various buttons, and more.

  • Widgets - Customize the "Related Locations" widget title and the tag cloud widget title.

  • Moderation - Allows customization of the notification and message labels that are generated during the Moderation process for new routes.

  • Link Sharing - Here edit the labels related to link sharing buttons.

  • Other - Here custom instructions for editors can be added.

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