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Log in/ Log Off/ Registration Links in the website

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You can display log in, register and log off links in navigation by including simple menu items.

There are three ways to achieve this:

  1. Including links as navigation links (simple)
  2. Adding custom CSS (Advanced)
  3. Adding widgets to the website (check the specific guide)

1) Links as navigation links (Simple)

This method involves adding the log in, log out and register links as menu items. The end result will look like this:

To do this, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → Appearance → Menus.

Then simply add links to the relevant pages: login form page, registration form page, and Profile.

In order to create a logout link, simply add a custom link with #cmreg-logout-click instead of a regular URL. This way, when the user clicks the link he/she will log out.

2) Adding custom CSS (Advanced)

This method grants the same results, but it's more flexible and harder to achieve.

To do it, start by navigating to the Admin Dashboard → CM Registration → Settings.

Click on the General tab.

Scroll down to the Appearance section.

Place css styles in the Custom CSS field for login/register links - find theirs IDs in the page source using Inspect browser tool. Click on the link with mouse right button and click Inspect. Find line with link and copy it's ID.

Find element ID in the console.

Check example css:

/* Make Sign-in and Register links hidden after login: */
.logged-in #menu-item-661, .logged-in #menu-item-660 {display: none;}

/* Make Account and Logout links hidden until login: */
#menu-item-671, #menu-item-672 {display: none;}
.logged-in #menu-item-671, .logged-in #menu-item-672 { display: block !important; }

Below: When user is logged in, Login and Register links changes into Profile and Logout.

When user is logged-in, Profile and Log Out links are visible.

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