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Popup with Form

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The WP Popup Plugin allows users to place HTML code in the content of the popups. For instance, this means that users can create a subscription form.

To add a form to the popup, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → Add New Campaign.

Adding new popup campaign - Best WordPress Popup Plugin
Adding new popup campaign

In the content field place form code (see example code on the screenshot below).

As an action attribute set path to the PHP file with function to handle form data after sent. (Writing the PHP code for handling the form won't be covered in this documentation).

You can also place JS scripts here to support validation on the client-side, tooltips, etc.

Forms Coming From Shortcodes

Most times you will not want to write your own form nor the code handling it, instead, you can place a shortcode coming from the 3rd party plugin which will generate the form HTML automatically and make sure that the data sent from the form is saved.

Adding an HTML form to the popup - WordPress Popups
Adding an HTML form to the popup


Popup with provided sample form looks like this. After the "Publish" is clicked the data from the form will be sent to the url passed in the "action" attribute of the form.

Example of a popup with a form - WordPress Plugin Popup
Example of a popup with a form

To set the rest of the campaign options, please view this page, then Publish the popup Campaign.

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