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Add New Campaign

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Pop-Up Banners → Add New Campaign.

Enter a title for the new campaign in the provided box. The title will not be shown on the banner itself but will help you identify the campaign in the plugin statistic panel.

In the Advertisement Items box, enter the content for the campaign in the box, as well as any other media, links, etc.

Underneath the box, click on the Add Advertisement Item button to add the new item. This is used in cases where you want to have a random popup to show up or once you have a new and old copy you want to choose between. Click on Show AdDesigner to use a visual designer for the Pop-Up banners.

Banner Types

Pop-Up Banner

The pop-up banner can be text only, image only or a mix of both. In the above example, an image was used. You can also place a video inside the box if needed.

Fly-In Banner

Same for Fly-In. It just appears on the corner of the page.

Campaign Options

Basic Visual

In this section, you can define the size, shape and position of the banner.

Select the settings for the basic visual tab in the campaign options box.

  • A) Type - Choose the type of campaign you want from the drop-down menu.
    • Pop-Up - modal on the center of the screen, with tinted background
    • Fly-In Bottom - modal in the bottom right corner of the page
    • (new) Full Screen - displays the modal on the full screen, with the background color covering the whole site
  • B) Display method - Click the box to select the display method for the campaign, either random or selected. This is used when you have several items available for the same Pop-Up. Once selected is used and you have more than one item please choose the one you would like to show up.
  • C) Width - Enter a value in the provided box for the campaign width. Accepted values include: numbers (in pixels), percents (eg 75%) or "auto".
  • D) Height - Enter a value in the provided box for the campaign height. Accepted values include: numbers (in pixels), percents (eg 75%) or "auto".
  • E) Padding - Campaign padding. If blank defaults to 10px. Please input the value in pixels.

  • F) Z-index - The 'z-index' of the banner. If you find that the banner is under other elements, increase this value. If blank defaults to 100. Please input an integer value (0-10000000000).
  • G) Background colors - Enter a value in the provided box for campaign background color. Accepts also "transparent".
  • H) Background image - Campaign background image. Please the URL of the image you'd like to use for all of the banners in the campaign.
  • I) Shape - Choose the shape of the modal from the drop-down menu.
  • J Center content vertically/horizontally  - If this checkbox is selected then this campaign's banner content will be centered vertically/horizontally.

Below: Second part of the Basic Visual tab.

Advanced Visual

Define effects, delay, statistics count and d behavior - when it appears and for how long.

Select the settings for the advanced visual tab in the campaign options box.

  • A) Show effect - Choose a show effect for the campaign by selecting from the drop-down menu. The show effect will add 
  • B) Delay to show - Enter a value in the provided box to choose the delay time before the Pop-Up banner appears on the page.
  • C) Show interval - Choose a show interval for the campaign by selecting from the drop-down menu.
    • Every Time Page Loads - when this option is selected the banner will be displayed every time, on each page where it's set to show
    • Only First Time Page Loads - when this option is selected, the banner will be displayed for each user once on all of the pages where it's set to show. 
    • Once on Any Page - when this option is selected the banner will be displayed just once per user. If it's set to show on multiple pages it will be displayed only on the first one of them.
    • X amount of times till reset - How many times campaign should be shown. Resets after "Interval reset time". This option is good when you want the user to see the campaign only X amount of time and to reset this count every Y days

  • D) Underlay type - Choose the underlying type for the campaign from the drop-down menu. In a dark underlay is chosen all the web page content behind the pop-up will be hard to read while pop-up appears.
  • E) Statistics clicks counting method - Choose an option for the statistics clicks counting method, either Only one click per banner show or all clicks until close button click. This will affect the information which is collected for the campaign statistics and reports.


Enable a sound triggered when the popup shows.

This tab allows selecting the sound effect accompanying the modal. It can work regardless of the type of campaign.

  • Sound effect when the popup shows
    • None - no sound will be played
    • Default - the generic sound bundled with the plugin will be played
    • Custom from media library - after selecting this option you'll need to provide the URL of the sound file you would like to play.
      For the best results, you should first upload the mp3 file to your Library and copy its direct link.


Define where the pop-up will show and to which users/devices.

Select the settings for the Activity tab in the campaign options box.

  • A) User type for pop-up (available from version 1.3.2) - Select which group of users will see the pop-up. The options are: 
    • All users.
    • Only logged-in.
    • Only non-logged-in (guests).
  • B) Show pop-up after users registration - If this option is enabled, this pop-up will appear when a guest user successfully registers. It requires the CM Registration plugin.
  • C) Show on every page - Check the box to display the campaign on all posts and pages.
  • D) Show on homepage - Check the box to display the campaign on the homepage.
  • E) When fire the popup? - Choose when to fire the popup. Read more on this page.
  • F) Minimum device width - Enter a value in the provided box to choose a minimum width for the campaign banner. This option let you limit the campaign to show only on non-mobile devices.
  • G) Maximum device width - Similar to the previous option.
  • H) Show on URLs matching pattern - Enter a url to display the campaign on the page. You can define a pattern in which this campaign will appear. It can be a category or a permalink path- for example your blog articles /blog/. This will cover all URL with the following pattern /blog/*.
  • I) Show on selected posts/pages - Select from the drop down menu to choose the specific pages and posts the campaign will be displayed on. click the add a page button to add a page that is not listed.
  • I) Activity dates - Read below:

Activity dates

Determine if the campaign will show up only on specific dates.

Click on the blue plus button to set an activation dates for the campaign. You can define multiple date range including the exact time per each.

Activity Days

Run the campaign at the exact same time every week.

You can specify more than one day for the recurring campaign activity.

Click the blue button to update the page. 

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