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Integrating Product Directory and Business Directory - Assigning a Business' Address to a Product

Assigning a Business' Address to Product

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CM Product Directory can be integrated with CM Business Directory. This requires both plugins to be installed and activated.

There are two ways to import address information from a Business.

Both start by editing or creating a Product. If both plugins are enabled, you will see the Import Business Data


1) Assign Address Information

Admin can assign Address Information from selected Business. Edit the Product, Choose Business, check Assign business to product box and update the Product.

After reload you can see that Address Information are filled with data from the Business. 

In this case if admin want to change any value (fields here are not editable) he must navigate to the Business (use links in Import Business Data section to view Business or edit) and change it there.

To remove Address Information from the fields simply uncheck Business assigned box and update the Product.

2) Import Address Information

With this method admin can just import Address Information from the Business.

Select Business and leave Assign business to product field unchecked.

After reload admin can edit Address Information with no influence on the Address Information in the Business.

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